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Database compatibility

I've been using your framework and its been going great. I know that you planned to make it compatible with some other database engines aside from SQLite. How is that work coming along? Do we have anything to look forward to soon?


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Re: Database compatibility

There is still work to do for our little mORMot - it's another recursive name "mormot Object Relational Mapping on top" - but not a definitive name, because the framework is not ready!

I've prepared the core of the framework for this change.

A fork of Zeos has also been made. Because it's still buggy and not optimized under "Unicode" versions of Delphi.
But perhaps I'll rely on DbExpress components first, for it to be compatible with Delphi 7 up to XE.

So there is no official timeline. But it is a work in progress.


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