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TIOBE : Pascal in TOP TEN language

The 2011 TIOBE Index is a gauge that has long tracked the rise and fall of programming languages. First developed during the mid-1990s, the index relies on various data sources to gauge the popularity of languages; that is, the extent to which they're used (but not how much they're liked).
http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/ … index.html

The problem is that it split Delphi and Pascal into two diverse categories. Without this distinction, we would be in the top ten!

If you add both Pascal and Delphi values, you'll get 1.287+0.919 = 2.206

That is, it will be in the Top Ten, above Ruby...

Since the Basic language category joins Visual Basic and Basic, this division is unfair!

Here is how Delphi is defined:
- Highest Rating (since 2001): 5.865% (7th position, August 2004)
- Lowest Rating (since 2001): 0.725% (12th position, January 2004)
- Paradigms: Object-Oriented
- Type system: Statically typed

And here is Pascal definition:
- Highest Rating (since 2004): 0.961% (12th position, September 2009)
- Lowest Rating (since 2004): 0.400% (18th position, September 2008)
- Paradigms: Procedural
- Type system: Statically typed

I guess they don't know anything about pascal. Is there still a "procedural" implementation of pascal?
None of course, since decades, pascal is object oriented.

I guess they made a confusion between the Free Pascal Compiler and the Embarcadero Delphi Compiler.
Even if they differ in some implementation details (attributes, generics), both implement basically the same modern object-pascal language.

So to sum up: object pascal is in the Top Ten language, above Ruby !


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Re: TIOBE : Pascal in TOP TEN language

Don't forget Object Pascal in entry 21 - 50, it's in 20s the last time I saw. We're actually more than just 10th position.


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