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Should I use mORMot Framework?

I am a Delphi programmer that, until this month, has only developed desktop applications. The company I worked for has decided to create a mobile app to be used in conjunction with our desktop app. As a result of this decision, we have upgraded to Delphi XE7 and they have asked me to implement the following features:

- both the desktop and the mobile app should be able to login onto a database in the Cloud. The purpose of the login is to verify the user membership as well as retrieve the path to the user data storage;
- both the desktop and the mobile app should be able to upload and/or download data located under the path retrieved during the login process.

We are thinking of using Amazon S3 for our data storage and a SQLite database. Both the Amazon S3 account and the SQLite database would be accessed via a web server (ReST server) for security purposes.

As a neophyte, I have never dealt with this type of problem before. As a result, I have been spending some time researching the subject online. As I was doing so, I discovered the mORMot Framework. Not really knowing where to start and being rather overwhelmed by the complexity of the task, I would like your expert opinions on the feasibility of using mORMot Framework for our project. If you do not think that we should use mORMot Framework, would you recommend another framework and/or a different approach?

Thank you, in advance, for your inputs.


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Re: Should I use mORMot Framework?

Publishing a SQLite3 database with a mORMot server is pretty easy.
To install such a server, you just need to copy the exe on the Amazon server, and run it... no external framework to maintain, no database to install.

Then you can generate cross-platform clients to access the services or the ORM.
In your case, the remote ORM is certainly the most convenient.

Please take a look at the FAQ in the documentation.
There are "where to start" hints.
And ensure you check the main paragraphs in the documentation, especially cross-platform clients.

Then take a look at some samples in https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/tree/ … e3/Samples
Especially 28 - Simple RESTful ORM Server
and 27 - CrossPlatform Clients.


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Re: Should I use mORMot Framework?

restneophyte wrote:

We are thinking of using Amazon S3 for our data storage and a SQLite database.

If I understand correctly you want to host SQLite database in Amazon S3? This is not possible, because you have no live control of backend database, you just use HTTP API to manipulate data and this could be done with any application which is capable to communicate via HTTP.

If you want to have all control of your software and database then Amazon EC2 service is for you.
If you want to have remotely real (RDBMS) database (MS SQL, MySQL...) with native access then you use Amazon RDS service.

In each three options you can use capabilities of "ordinary" Delphi libraries or use mORMot libraries (best for full EC2 solution).

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Re: Should I use mORMot Framework?

To 'ab:' thanks for your input. I will be following your advices and access/read all the links you mentioned in your kind response.

To ' Leander007:' thanks for your input. I might have been unclear in my description of what we would like to implement. We would like to use a SQLite database (outside of Amazon S3) for user login purposes. When a user logs in (either via the desktop app or the mobile one), the database would be used to verify their eligibility and return (if authorized) the 'path' to their S3 bucket. Amazon S3 would only be used as a data depositary for data transfer between the desktop app and the mobile one.


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