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Are mORMotUI aind mORMot18n ready for FPC and Lazarus?

mORMoti18n has an unclosed comment at line 64 with triggers a warning in the compiler and turns the whole file into a comment.

uses ini-compatible plain text messages language file format (*.msg)

There are also some comments starting with '((' which trigger further errors, and I am wondering whether their purpose is to disable some code or it is a mismatch between the FreePascal compiler and the Delphi compiler.

The other problem is around line 711 where a group of language Constants are not defined:

LANG_DARI = $8c;
sPriLang: array[TLanguages] of byte =

Are these constants defined in mORMot or do they come from Delphi?

mORMotUI also uses Windows unit directly I replaced with:

  {$ifdef FPC}
  LCLIntf, LCLType, LMessages,

I have come across 2 problems:

One is the unit Consts, whose equivalent in Lazarus I don't know, and it is hard to tell whether it is for Windows only.

The other is problems with 2 constants, TWMTimer and WM_TIMER which appear to be Windows related constants. They may be related to the Consts unit.

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Re: Are mORMotUI aind mORMot18n ready for FPC and Lazarus?

The mORMotUI and mORMoti18n are purely VCL units by now, indeed...

Comments starting by {{ are in fact a way of markup for the documentation.
Should be replaced by {/ 

LANG_* constants do come from Windows.pas AFAIR.

Unit consts.pas is just a list of resourcestring - so just comment it and try to find out where the resourcestring do exist in the LCL.

I suspect there should be an equivalency for TWMTimer and WM_TIMER, and SetTimer() - which are defined in WIndows.pas for defining a timer.


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