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Embed SQLite only without other overheads

In a project that I am developing I just need to handle three master tables and show the contents of these 3 tables in combo box and base on users selection process a list of photos/images.

Using Mormot for such simple task is like calling service of an "Elephant" to pickup a few "twigs".

Is there any possibilities of using SQLite simply without any over work (from programming point of view)?


Yogi Yang


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Re: Embed SQLite only without other overheads

Use SynSQLite3.pas + SynSQLite3Static.pas units to link SQlite3 as static engine.
Then use mORMotVCL.pas so that you would be able to create TDataSet from SQLite3 TDatabase queries.
See https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/tree/ … aset%20use

Using SynDBSQlite3.pas as a small layer over SynSQLite3.pas is preferred, since it would allow to switch from SQLite3 to another database easily.


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