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Documentation explaining the coding style used in DWScript


I don't know as to where I should post this so I am posing here. If it is in wrong section please do correct it.

In a software that I have developed now there is a need to automate it using some kind of application programming interface.

I am planning to add DWScript to it but from what little I know about DWScript and have studied it I feel it is more suitable for building Web Apps instead of proving application level programming interface. So I think I will have to modify it to work in my application.

But to be able to modify it I need some kind of documentation which I can study to understand the coding style and know as to where I may have to make modification to get it to work in my application.

I am trying to wrap my head around studying the code but I have not been able make any headway in this direction in last 1 week.

Can someone please help here.


Yogi Yang


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Re: Documentation explaining the coding style used in DWScript

AFAIK DWScript is a scripting engine by itself. Then it has extensions for Web publication.
Its primary goal is to enable scripting in applications.
So it would fit your purpose very well.
Note that this forum and website is not tied to DWScript at all - you may ask for additional information and support on their side.

Another possibility may be to use JavaScript, and e.g. the SpiderMonkey engine supplied with mORMot.
See http://synopse.info/files/html/Synopse% … ml#TITL_79
It is less integrated than DWScript with Delphi, but JavaScript is a better known language (if you want external coders to add their own script), and its execution speed is faster than DWScript.


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