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Synopse PDF Engine 1.14

Our SynPdf unit has been refreshed to the 1.13 version.

Some enhancements:
- new SetCMYKFillColor and SetCMYKStrokeColor methods for TPdfCanvas
- now handles EMR_POLYBEZIER* commands in conversion from meta file content
- fixed EZeroDivided error when enumerating SetWindowExtEx(szlExtent(0,0))
- some enhancements for better PDF/A-1 conformance to the standard: now includes the ICC profile for RGB pictures; corrected /Link flag and XML metadata; new header with 8 bit characters; correct outlines and other minor issues: now pass e.g. validation tests.

Compatible with Delphi 5 up to Delphi XE.

Source code released under GPL/LGPL/MPL license, on choice.


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