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Why keep "Releases -> Latest version of components"?

This is listed first in the "Jump to" quick access at the bottom of the forum pages but it contains extremely dated material.

I first posted here back in early 2011 and I came back today for the first time in a long while.  The "Latest version of components" was  the first forum I picked and it has posts from 2011...so I was initially thinking "nothing has changed in 8 years!" 

I humbly submit that it's makes for a bad first impression for new users to your forum and that you probably should delete the old "Releases->Latest Version of Components".


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Re: Why keep "Releases -> Latest version of components"?

I honestly forgot about the existence of these forum pages...

I have remove it since it was indeed confusing and outdated.
With a source code repository like https://github.com/synopse/mORMot, no need to have such a manual notification.


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Re: Why keep "Releases -> Latest version of components"?

ab, even this's a very minor issue, u respond as fast as always smile I've been visiting this forum for many years and to be honest I've never noticed nor used the 'Jump to' navigation links smile

BTW, I always use the github repo for getting updates.

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