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Reading values from TSQLAccessRights

I have a requirement that asks me to provide a user interface which allows (non technical) administrator staff to administer the User and Group tables (using SOA + SQLite). Ideally, I'd like to return the AccessRights in a grid with human readable values for the users to digest.
Is there any way I can return the bitfield results from GetSQLValues or GetAccessRights in a format where I can populate fields for each of the AccessRights values into columns (POSTSQL|SELECTSQL|Service|AuthR|AuthW|TablesR|TablesW) - perhaps as boolean values to populate check boxes, or Yes|No values?

And a couple of minor things :
1. The mormot Framework SAD describes security group layout as POST SQL SELECT SQL Auth R Auth W Tables R Tables W Services
Notes in mORMot.pas show                                                         POSTSQL SELECTSQL Service AuthR AuthW TablesR TablesW
** Note the position of "Service" (I'm assuming the mORMot.pas sequence is correct).
2. For "Admin" we have "VALUES ('Admin',10,'47,1-256,0,1-256,0,1-256,0,1-256,0')". I'm confused by the ",0," values. Are they just field separators ?

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