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sqlite cipher implementation


Thanks for great code
Came here for SQLite encrypted in pascal.
Looks promising, couple of questions:

1# Is this safe as come to stability current latest VFS implementation?
@ab you have mentioned in other post some pending bug in SQLite3Multipleciphers, any improvements planned?

2# Which version exactly you have used to compile c object?
codegear c++ from xe7 ? Is this regulard or Update 1 patched?

3# Can I use your obj as I am not licensed of C++ Builder ?
I was not able to build it using regular freeware bcc32c compiler
So is this legal to use your object without having license for XE7 bcc?

4# Isn't better to build c sqlite object with some more reliable/faster
compiler when comes to output code? What about vc++ express 2010 or 2013 or any other compiler + object conversion


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Re: sqlite cipher implementation

1. Seems safe - bug is fixed in our version.

2. XE7 regular AFAIR

3. Yes use of .obj is allowed - just like any .exe built by C++Builder

4. Delphi has troubles linking .obj from other compilers.
We use GCC with FPC, but Delphi can't link easily VC++ .obj files - there are a lot of small dependencies missing.
In practice, for performance, we use FPC + GCC on Linux + EXT4, and here we have the fastest REST requests.
For instance, on my PC, Delphi+Win64 achieves 15MB/s HTTP/REST bandwidths of small requests (even using http.sys), whereas FPC+Linux+fpcx64MM+PatchRTL reaches 70MB/s.


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Re: sqlite cipher implementation

>> 4. Delphi has troubles linking .obj from other compilers.



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