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Login from Android

I am trying to log into the mormot server
ServerDB.AuthenticationRegister (TSQLRestServerAuthenticationDefault);

is modeled on
https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/blob/ … tcode.java

but I can't login

Android (Java)
    private String passwordHashHexa = "synopse";
    private String user = "User";
    if (token == "")
                return false;
   //the problem is still how to encrypt the password?

    URL url = new URL(serviceUrl  +
                              "/" + this.root +
                              "&PassWord="+SHA256(root + token + aNonce + user +passwordHashHexa)+

Since the code that is on the forum and quoted by me, a lot has changed in Android and Google managed to break with Apache and Apache code flew from Android. Therefore, HttpUtils cannot be used.
Has anyone had this before?


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