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How to use ZeosLib to access SQLite encrypted database

Hello everyone, I have a question about how to use ZeosLib to access SQLite encrypted database, I don't know if anyone can give me some suggestions. If it is not appropriate to discuss ZeosLib here, please forgive me, because I did not find the answer I want on google.

Some of the legacy codes I am currently maintaining are developed with Delphi 7 IDE. There is a data acquisition system that uses SQLite3 database, which uses the commercial version of SQLCipher library for encryption and decryption, and the database connection component uses UniDAC.

But recently UniDAC’s authorization expired, so I wanted to find alternative database connection components, until I found ZeosLib here (https://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?id=5560), through these professional For discussion, I think ZeosLib may be a good choice.

So I installed the latest ZeosLib component, and can’t wait to test it, but to my frustration, it does not set the attribute of the SQLCipher library authorization key, so there is no way to use the SQLCipher library to connect to the database.

Maybe I missed something. I still don't know how to use ZeosLib components proficiently. Can any enthusiastic friends give me some suggestions?

PS: Forgive my bad English, I hope you can understand it smile


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Re: How to use ZeosLib to access SQLite encrypted database

Our statically linked SQlite3 engine as part of mORMot DB layer supports encryption, using our own cryptographic routines.
But it is its own DB layer. There is a TQuery-like wrapper available in mORMot 1, to help transition of statements.

I don't know about ZeosLib, it may be possible to use it with a dll including encryption, but you would have to ask on the Zeos forum instead.


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