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ODBC Function sequence error


I have a case where all model tables have to be created as virtual and reside to a Microsoft SQL Server. Unfortunately this has to be done via ODBC, because in some columns I have to enable the Always Encrypted feature.

So far I have a simple model with only TAuthUser and TAuthGroup defined. These have been registered with VirtualTableExternalRegister and with the corresponding  TSqlDBOdbcConnectionProperties props object. The ODBC data source uses the version 17 of the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver. The RestServerDB is created as an in memory instance (with ':memory:').

The call of CreateMissingTables method raises the following non-blocking exception for each of the created tables (e.g. two times):

exception class EOdbcException with message 'TSqlDBOdbcStatement - TOdbcLib error: [HY010] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error (0)

Though it is a non-blocking exception, I post it here in case it might affect other SQL operations by the ORM classes.

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