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Mobile SOA Client

Hi Arnaud,

im Thinking about to Replace SynCrossPlatform Client mainly for SOA - WebServices (from Mormot2)

Actually i use Windows Client which works Perfectly with it. But now i like to use this on Android/iOS Client without SynCrossPlatform Wrapper.
(One of the Reason is as in one of my former tickets - That i can not build SynCrossplatform Client for mormot2 (https://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?id=5835))

The Client is very easy - Connect / SetUser
Then call the Interface functions.

But the whole interface seems to be optimized by Assembler Code.
For my Mobile i do not need that much speed, so i think a PUREPASCAL Implementation could be enough here. (And it will be automatically work on iOS / Android)

Is it Possible to build a Client for Mobile for this ? Or are there any plans ?

Rad Studio 12 Athens


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Re: Mobile SOA Client

i have the similar problem,i create a server on mormot2 + delphi 11.2 , run is ok; client use fpc3.2.2 + lazarus2.2.6 + mormot2,  run in linux / windows, no problem ;
i do a android client test use fpc3.2.2 + lazarus2.2.6 + LAMW0.8.6 + mormot2, compile is ok, building is ok, but run in a phone( android 13) , the program is crash,

dose mormot2 not support android (fpc + lazarus)?
thanks a lot!

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