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Is your JPEG library usable?

I discovered recently your web site. Lots of nice articles!!

I have also found the fast JPEG decoder and intended to use it immediately, but lucky me I have found a post on this forum where you say that it won't with progressive JPEG files. Well, 90% of existing jpg files are progressive (which is the only way they should be!) so basically your library cannot be used in the real world. Or there is a trick?


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Re: Is your JPEG library usable?

No there is no trick. It won't work with 90% of your existing jpg, if they are progressive. sad

This library was a try of using SSE2 in order to speed up the decoding.
See http://synopse.info/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=425#p425

But on most benchmark, the default gdiplus library is as fast as this Fast Jpeg decoder.
So I'll let you use SynGdiPlus instead of this one. smile

The code of the Fast Jpeg decoder could be in all cases of some pedagogical interest, about asm and SSE2 use in a Delphi unit (especially the 16 bit alignment trick).


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