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LZO vs LZJB Conpression (in ZFS)

Hello I was browsing internet and stumbled upon the LBJB algorithm...

There was not too much info on internals on Wikipedia etc (Source is available for sure), but one thing in this article started to sound interesting.

Detecting if stream is Compressible or not, if not then just store it as is.

I have been pondering on tool to write, but there I would need compression that only stores if data is detected to be incompressible.

Is that feature of the (any) compression algorithm or is it feature of code around it???

But article is in here : http://denisy.dyndns.org/lzo_vs_lzjb/



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Re: LZO vs LZJB Conpression (in ZFS)

I suspect our little SynLZ implementation is faster than both for compression speed, and have a compression ratio similar to LZO.

We have no interest yet about using LZJB algorithm, since SynLZ performs better, is already optimized for pascal (and x86 asm), and does not suffer from copyright or any licensing issue.


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