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Rich Text in metafille cutoff in gdiplus 1.0

Hello all,

I have a puzzling problem with SynGDIplus and RichText format.

My application lets a RichText Control render its text on an EMF metafile, then plays the metafile on a bitmap. This looks OK on a local computer but it looks absolutely horrible (font too big and grainy) if the computer is accessed through Remote Desktop. So I thought I'd try Syngdiplus for antialiasing the EMF before rendering it on the bitmap.  This kinda works, but I am getting surprising results:

- On a Windows 7 PC it looks great, both locally and when run over remote desktop (the RDP server tested is Windows 2003)

- On a Windows XP PC the texts are cutoff / incomplete if the program is run locally.  If the XP computer is used as a remote desktop terminal (program runs on a Windows 2003 server) then the output looks good. It looks like a clipping problem to me.

Any idea what could be the cause of this?  The Windows 2003 server and the XP machine both only have gdiplus 1.0 whereas the Windows 7 machine has 1.1.

Kind regards,


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Re: Rich Text in metafille cutoff in gdiplus 1.0

AFAIK SynGdiPlus will uses GDI+ 1.1 if installed, and fall-back to 1.0 if only this version is available.

You may try:
- To install the 1.1 GdiPlus.dll library in the application folder in XP;
- To set ForceInternalConvertToEmfPlus = true or false and use (or not) the internal renderer;
- To set ForceUseDrawString = true or false and see what happens.


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