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Thank you for your reply.

You are right about the  NOSQLITE3STATIC define, I missed it in the first place.

In the mean time we decided to stick on Delphi until the next release of our software.
The main reason is that there are a huge number of other conversion problems...

In the Delphi project the mORMot lib does a great job for us.

We will try the FPC thing again in the future.
If I encounter the problem again with the newest versions of mORMOT I will prepare
a sample and a detailed report. 

Thank you again an best regards..


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first of all thank you for your great work!

I am stuck in the following problem:

I used mORMot orm /sqlite3 in a Delphi 7 project, worked.

Now I am about to move it to the latest Typhon / fpc.
(for win32)

did the following steps:
- got the latest version from git
- put   SynSQLite3Static  into the projects uses list
- compile sqlite3.o with c-fpcmingw.bat
- mingw is on its place (c:\progs\mingw)
- put sqlite3.dll and sqlite3-64.dll into both the target folder and the mORMot_1.18 folder
- add search path for mORMot_1.18 and mORMot_1.18/SQLite3

It compiles, but when starting the program, it ends with "could not start application (0x00007b)" (or similar, translated)

I am aware that, when statically linking the sqlite3.o then I would not need the sqlite3.dll.
But then again, in the SynSQLite3Static.pas - Initialisation part I find :
sqlite3 := TSQLite3LibraryDynamic.Create('sqlite3.dll');

This is confusing to me. 

Can anybody give a hint on how to track down what is missing or goes wrong at runtime?

Thank you very much in advance!!


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