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Minor enhancements, preparing version 1.9.2

a dedicated background thread is now used if the incoming HTTP request has POSTed a body content of more than 16 KB (to avoid Deny Of Service, and preserve the Thread Pool to only real small processes) (user: ab, tags: trunk)

new StringReplaceChars function (user: ab, tags: trunk)

new ForceRefresh parameter to the TSQLTableToGrid.Refresh method (user: ab, tags: trunk)

• WriteObject and CopyObject functions now handle Int64 properties, as TJSONWriter.WriteObject method does now also
• new TSQLRestServerStatic.GetOne and TSQLRestServerStatic.UpdateOne methods, methods available since a TSQLRestServerStatic instance may be created stand-alone, i.e. without any associated Model/TSQLRestServer
• diverse fixes in TSQLRestServerStatic which could occur in not expected behavior if security events are enabled for this table (wrong IDToIndex)
• new TSQLRecordLog.CreateFrom method used to append some log records to an existing JSON log content (user: ab, tags: trunk)

new AddToReport method to append the specified database Table Content to the report (user: ab, tags: trunk)

• handle an optional caption for the window (by default, the caption is guessed from the record type)
• handle display without any associated Client/Model/Ribbon, that is allow direct edition of any TSQLRecord child
• guess the better TGroupBox width on screen for set of enumerates properties (user: ab, tags: trunk)

added low-level RS-232 logging capability to TComPort class (user: ab, tags: trunk)

  both obj files (i.e. deflate.obj and trees.obj) updated to ZLib engine version 1.2.5 (user: ab, tags: trunk)

Details are available at http://synopse.info/fossil/timeline


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