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Error in TestSQL3


I'm testing Mormot (latest commit - today) with FPC 3.1.1 and Lazarus 1.5 under Windows 8 64 bit and TestSQL3 is returning errors in some tests. In all "file based tests", I had errors in TSQLTableJSON, message "Invalid variant type cast" and a access violation under Bidirectional remote connection. The error shows up after test "SOA callback via JSON websockets: 4,455 assertions passed  138.47ms". I'm compiling in 32bit.

Compiler directives:  -MObjFPC -Scgi -CX -O2 -XX -vewnhibq -Fi.. -Fifpc\i386-win32 -Fu.. -Fu. -FUfpc\i386-win32 -FE..\Output\ -dFPCSQLITE3STATIC

I added in TestSQL3.dpr in uses clause this:
  {$ifdef FPC}
  TestSQL3FPCInterfaces in 'TestSQL3FPCInterfaces.pas',

but errors still appears,

I hope this message is clear, as english is not my language...



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