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SQLite3 engine updated to version

Here are the modifications, extracted from official http://sqlite.org site:
- Added the sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2() interface and enhanced the wal_checkpoint pragma to support blocking checkpoints.
- Improvements to the query planner so that it makes better estimates of plan costs and hence does a better job of choosing the right plan, especially when SQLITE_ENABLE_STAT2 is used.
- Fix a bug which prevented deferred foreign key constraints from being enforced when sqlite3_finalize() was not called by one statement with a failed foreign key constraint prior to another statement with foreign key constraints running.
- Integer arithmetic operations that would have resulted in overflow are now performed using floating-point instead.
- Increased the version number on the VFS object to 3 and added new methods xSetSysCall, xGetSysCall, and xNextSysCall used for doing full-coverage testing.
- Increase the maximum value of SQLITE_MAX_ATTACHED from 30 to 62 (though the default value remains at 10).
- Enhancements to FTS4:
-   Added the fts4aux table
-   Added support for compressed FTS4 content
- Enhance the ANALYZE command to support the name of an index as its argument, in order to analyze just that one index.
- Fix a bug in 3.7.6 that only appears if the SQLITE_FCNTL_SIZE_HINT file control is used with a build of SQLite that makes use of the HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE compile-time option and which has SQLITE_ENABLE_LOCKING_MODE turned off.

See http://synopse.info/fossil/info/7ea77dcbf1

Furthermore, regression tests now exclude fixed auto generated ID sequence (may vary, just like happened for 3.7.6).


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