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FPC 3.2.2 Regression for Variant Late Binding - Do Not Use

I just tried FPC 3.2.2 with mORMot tests.
They added TThread.TerminatedSet for Delphi compatibility. So far so good. Just enable it for FPC 3.2.2+ as we do for Delphi.

But some problems occurs when running variant late binding with a method name of 1 character.
No problem when calling variantvalue.toto but variantvalue.a or variantvalue.b have a Parameter with the method name transmitted as #0 so there is no method name to match.
Sounds like a compiler regression. It seems to have nothing to do with mORMot itself: the generated asm have a wrong pointer constant.
I was not able to find in https://bugs.freepascal.org/roadmap_page.php from which

So we will stick to FPC 3.2.0 as supported version of FPC.
We advise you against using FPC 3.2.2 on production, if you consider using variant late binding.


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