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Why not tag versions on the repository?


First of all, thanks a lot for this framework guys! It´s really awesome!

Now I saw that the version 1.17 is coming up, so I'd like to see what's new. Than I realized that there are no tags for the versions on the repository. Is that a reason for that? This would be really useful to compare the adjacent versions, and see what has changed.

I'm telling that because I'm also missing a changelog.


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Re: Why not tag versions on the repository?

Yes, there is no tag...

The latest version of the http://synopse.info/fossil trunk is the upcoming 1.17.
And the http://synopse.info/files/mORMot.7z archive is the latest stable version, i.e. 1.16.

The ChangeLog is available in two forms:
- Globally in http://synopse.info/fossil/timeline
- Per unit, in the header of each .pas file, after "Version 1.#" title

I will look into seeing of adding tags to fossil.

Thanks for the interest!


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