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Re: mORMot and FPC 3.0/3.1.1

AOG wrote:

The trunk changes can be found here: http://wiki.freepascal.org/User_Changes_Trunk
I leave it to hnb to explain more about NewPascal, but in general, NewPascal is a very recent trunk without the dangers of trunk.

as AOG said: NewPascal is a very recent trunk without the dangers of trunk (for mORMot)

NewPascal is compatible with FPC trunk, but not vice versa (for some time).

Many things has changed. We have unexpected and positive effect of NewPascal - I've started close cooperation with FPC core team and finally many areas (critical for mORMot) are improved. Current list of differences between NewPascal and FPC: http://newpascal.org/compass.html

Very short list in section "NewPascal individual changes" may be expanded in the future. Each item in "NewPascal individual changes" should be merged with FPC trunk (sooner or later). Some time ago "NewPascal individual changes" list was much, much longer.

Please note that http://wiki.freepascal.org/User_Changes_Trunk is not yet updated (no info about newest RTTI changes and management operators - http://free-pascal-general.1045716.n5.n … 7716.html)

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Re: mORMot and FPC 3.0/3.1.1

SynCommons.pas contain:

{$ifndef UNICODE}
  /// low-level API structure, not defined in older Delphi versions
  TOSVersionInfoEx = record
  {$endif UNICODE}


  /// the current Operating System information, as retrieved for the current process
  OSVersionInfo: TOSVersionInfoEx; 

When project configured to use key -MDelphiUnicode.
TOSVersionInfoEx is not available and application can't compile.
Also there is another issues as well.
-MDelphiUnicode is not supported for now?

FPC 3.2.0 with fixes.

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Re: mORMot and FPC 3.0/3.1.1

No, DelphiUnicode is NOT supported yet.
It has NOT been tested.

Unicode mode (string=UnicodeString) is fully supported for Delphi, but not for FPC.
Our framework is 100% Unicode, but using UTF-8, as all data backends and JSON expects.
Only on the LCL/VCL is the string type involved.


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