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where is Model and ModelTableIndex from RecordProps?

before we could get the Model and the Model Index from a Class Record, with Rec.RecordProps.
M: = Rec.RecordProps.Model. Also to get the Index of RecordClass from the Model,
RCIndex: = Rec.RecordProps.ModelTableIndex.
But now it does not get done.

Now I'm using:
M: = Client.Model and
RCIndex: = Model.GetTableIndex (aRecordClass);

Did I use the right way?

thank you


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Re: where is Model and ModelTableIndex from RecordProps?

Yes, you can have several models running on the same process.
For instance, when using within a proxy application with local and external tables, or with several layers of services.

So we split the pure-class information (mainly RTTI) in TSQLRecordProperties and a model-specific new class, named TSQLModelRecordProperties.

Since the TSQLModel index is dependent to the Model, you have to use GetTableIndex() as you wrote.
Sounds just fine to me.


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